The Lockwood ST8011SSS double action floor closer has been specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of double or single action pivoted doors with a door leaf weight up to 300kgs. Innovative design enables onsite flexibility over a wide range of applications. Designed and manufactured to world class standards which enables the highest possible quality, efficient and reliable performance. Multi functional designs offer the specifier, stockist or the installer outstanding versatility and low inventory levels.

Standard Features

Power adjustment
Turning the screw valve the power can be adjusted from EN size 3-6; closing force ranges from 24Nm to 60Nm

Adjustable Closing Speed
Closing 175deg – 15deg,
Latching speed 15deg – 0deg

Hold Open
By setting the HO valve the door can be set to hold open the door at any angle from 85deg to 170deg opening, to release door manually pull door closed.
Delayed Action
Adjusting this valve controls the closing time of the door between 170deg – 85deg
Back Check
The integrated mechanical back check
function offers optimum protection for doors and walls. With these standard features built into one product this means there is only one model to specify and stock to cover a wide range of applications.

  • Cast iron body
  • Three thermodynamic valves for consistent performance
  • Built in pressure relief valve
  • Cement box hot zinc plated steel

Lockwood 8800 Series Door Width Up to 1150mm (refer to selection procedure) Door Weight Up to 120kg as standard Door Thickness Minimum for timber 32 mm Door Control Two independent adjustment valves provide full hydraulic control from 130˚ to 15˚ of closing and 15˚ to 0˚ of latching. Door Frame Type Timber/aluminium/steel Non Hold-Open and Hold-Open Versions Available in both non hold-open and hold-open versions. Mechanical hold-open 90˚ and 105˚ in separate units. Door Adjustment The Lockwood 8800 is positionally adjustable for a height of 4mm, a width of 10mm and a length of 9mm. Additional Features Interchangeable extended pivot inserts ranging from +5 to +35mm. This range will accommodate applications such as threshold, carpeted floors or situations where additional clearance between the door and floor are required. Universal off set pivot sets for flush closing single action door applications (SP844-30). Pivot Door Sets Suitable for door applications where a free swing pivot door is required. Consists of retractable top pivot set with heavy duty bottom pivot and strap. Suitable for aluminium, glass and timber doors. Finishes

  • Stainless Steel SSS
  • Gold GLD
  • Polished Stainless Steel PSS
Other finishes on application.

Lockwood ST8011SSS Floor Closer

Door Specifications
  • Suitable for door weights up to 300kgs
  • Leaf widths from 950mm - 1400mm
  • Max opening angle 175deg

Pivot Systems

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