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Internal Timber Doors


Shop the Best Range of Internal Timber Doors


The very first internal door was made from wood, and the lasting material is still the most popular interior door today. Shop our range of internal timber doors or opt for a more detailed pressed door. Adding glass to a timber door can bring a bit more flair and style into your home and give a sense of openness and transparency that timber doors lack.

What Sets AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware Apart Regarding Timber Interior Doors


Many people underestimate the importance of doors in the house and what a difference they can make when you want to change your style and redecorate your home. By simply giving a solid internal timber door a new colour or a fresh coat of varnish, you can refresh a room. Here are some other internal wooden doors that you can consider as part of a home makeover:


  • There is an excellent reason why wooden interior doors are still the preferred material. It is one of the cheaper materials, and it is versatile enough to carve and personalise into something that will suit our customers.
  • We further offer external timber doors that we can design to inspire further change in your home and have guests admiring your unique front door.
  • Our sliding doors can bring another design aesthetics to your room that you might not yet have considered. It is ideal for an ensuite bathroom, craft room, or laundry room where you can quickly slide the door closed to hide any mess.
  • We urge you to do proper research on the doors we have available as well as possible designs you might want. Do take into consideration the type of room where you will be adding the door. What are the style and message you wish to portray and the purpose of the room? If you want to incorporate internal wooden doors with glass, consider the privacy factor and the room's purpose.


With the options of so many different types of doors and mechanics, you have the luxury of adapting your doors to your interior décor. Still, it also leaves room for chaos and mismatching textures and designs, so be sure before you order one of our masterpieces.


Tips for Choosing Internal French Doors in Sydney


Considering the stereotypes about French aristocracy, it is no surprise that they made the first French doors to protect them from any breeze or gusts of wind entering their villas. They still wanted to see their lush gardens and experience nature without the “terrible” side effects. Today it is mainly used for separating two areas.


  • Choose the right place. French doors work very well when separating the kitchen from the dining area. This separation is advantageous if you're hosting a dinner party and you don't want guests coming for a chat in the dirty kitchen. You can also choose to open the doors when you have visitors, and you want to show off your house with a walk through the dining room to the kitchen.
  • Consider privacy. French doors are so elegant and can be the perfect door for your ensuite bathroom. Do take privacy into account and opt for a frosted glass look for discretion with the elegance of French doors.
  • Consider the material. Wooden French doors are the most natural and elegant choice if you want to hide unsightly storage or messy areas in your home. Do also consider aluminium and uPVC. Aluminium looks cleaner than wood, and you can customise it to fit bigger window panels. While uPVC is cheaper, they will also lack the elegance and design of their counterparts.


Be careful not just to incorporate French doors into your home because you like them. Consider your current style and if the material will work or if you need to opt for folding or internal timber sliding doors instead.


About AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware

A relentless pursuit of perfection drives us in everything we do, which is why our doors will be as close to perfect as we can manage–no skew patterns or hinges, just pure perfection.


Contact us to discuss design and material options for your internal, sliding or external doors.


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