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Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Property with Modern Timber Front Doors

With our selection of modern timber front doors, the entrance to your home can have a positive design impact on your exterior. Our extensive industry experience and reliability ensures that our products are high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing. We guarantee to have the lowest prices for a modern wood front door, and we provide an exceptional installation service.

Benefits of Modern Timber Doors

There are numerous benefits to installing a modern timber door in your home.

  • They can aid in insulating your home: Wooden doors are resistant to changes in temperature, so they are an excellent option for your front entrance. They act as an insulator by keeping the heat inside your home and the cold outside, reducing your energy bill. Wooden doors are also non-conductors of electricity which make them a safe option for any home.
  • They are durable: High-quality timber doors are durable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective solution for your front entrance. With a quality stain or varnish to protect your door from the elements, your door can last many years. They are also not affected by rust, so won’t look worn or tired after a bit of rain.
  • They are low-cost: Timber doors are straightforward to manufacture and install, making them an affordable option. Wood also has the advantage of being carved on to create elegant designs, as seen with our contemporary wooden panel door options.

Tips Regarding a Contemporary Wood Front Door

Consider our tips below for selecting the ideal front door for your home.

  • Add panels: Rather than having one smooth unit for your door, panel features can add visual interest to your entrance. We have an extensive range of panel designs, including horizontal and vertical indents and raised timber mouldings.
  • Select the perfect colour: You can showcase your style with the design and colour of your front door. Wooden doors look elegant in their natural finish or can easily be painted to match your home aesthetics.
  • Opt for some glass: Glazing can make a stunning decorative touch and allow some natural light into your entrance. You can get clear or translucent glass for your door, and we have various glass panel designs in our Illusion and FS range.

We know it isn’t easy to select the ideal front door from a wide range of options which is why we have a professional design and consult team to assist you in finding the perfect style to suit your home.

About AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware

We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing quality interior and exterior wooden doors for homes. We provide a wide range of door designs so that you can have a beautiful architectural statement that suits your style. Our design and consult team can assist you in discovering the ideal wooden feature to meet your budget and style requirements. We provide a quality and reliable installation service and guarantee excellent customer service. Contact us to discuss the ideal modern door style for your home.

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