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Timber Doors at AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware

When you hear a knock, it was most likely on one of our doors. Here at AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware, we combine a passion for design with a firm knowledge of timber doors. We not only manufacture our own quality products but also see to their installation. This ability enables us to form part of the entire process, from sourcing our timber, creating our doors and skirtings to the installation and maintenance thereof. Because of our expansive range of products and services, we are more than able to turn your house into a home.

Little Known Facts About Wooden Doors

Wood as a building material offers so many benefits and advantages compared to other types of everyday materials. We only use sustainably sourced, high-quality timber, which ensures that our products exceed the industry standard. We believe that as timber door manufacturers, our products should be as rugged and beautiful as trees.

  • Wooden doors are not subject to rust and are an excellent choice for homes near the coast. Using doors made from wood ensures that fewer doors need replacement over the years and require minimal maintenance. Another bonus is that wood doors record their lifetimes by gaining character over time, in the form of natural discolouration and sun bleaching.
  • Besides being sturdy and protective, wood acts as a natural insulator and efficiently maintains a consistent temperature in your home. Metal tends to expand or contract when the internal or external temperature fluctuates, negatively affecting the door hinges and overall fit.
  • Wood is often the most cost-effective building material, but this does not mean it lacks durability. When appropriately maintained, wood can remain usable for many years and only requires varnish when exposed to the elements. Wood internal doors rarely need replacing and can be used as long as the house.

Related Services we Provide to Door Installation

At AMS Doors, Timber and Hardware, we feel it is our duty to support our customers throughout their journey with us. In addition to producing products such as timber sliding doors, doorframes and architraves, we personally cater to our customers by offering additional services.

  • We operate as a timber door supplier for both retail and on a wholesale scale. Our production and manufacturing capabilities enable us to fabricate large amounts of our distinctive products to order. Therefore, we encourage our clients who require bulk orders to visit our store or consult with our helpful staff to find the door design and style of their choosing.
  • Because we produce our products in-house, we enable you to consult with our staff members so that your design matches all the specifications. We are no strangers to deadlines and can cater to all your requests as quickly as possible.
    If you do not feel like coming to the shop, you can easily browse our online timber supplies from anywhere in Sydney, and we will take care of the delivery. We know how tedious it can be to transport doors or frames, but luckily we do not mind.
  • Our staff are excellent at supplying you with any information regarding our products. With such an expansive knowledge of our supplies, we can quickly provide you with unbeatable quotes.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Wholesale Doors in Sydney

The proficiency with which we undertake manufacturing allows us to produce diverse doors and timber products that we adjust and customise to the client’s needs. To accommodate special requests, we usually base designs on one of our existing products, helping our clients ascertain the exact design. Our standard ranges of products include:

  • External doors, consisting of nine different designs. Each design is unique and uses classic, contemporary, modern, or glass styles. If you are looking for a specific type of door, we also construct laundry doors and integrated blind doors that can provide your home with much-needed privacy.
  • Internal doors also include nine designs, ranging from carved, colonial, glass or pressed designs. When selecting a door style, make sure you browse our various sizes, face options and sub-designs.
  • Our products include five different types of flush doors, door frames, jambs, t-stops and maple or pine skirting. By producing these products, we ensure that our customers will never have to go anywhere else.

Trends About Solid Timber Doors You Should Know

Timber has historically been used as a building material all across the globe; countless designs and styles have become a staple for manufacturers throughout the years. Although some of these designs are not for everyone, some have stood the test of time. As a company that fills the role of a professional door carpenter, we are adept at creating bespoke designs and products with the help of decades of combined experience.

Modern door designs incorporate glass into their features, where the glass panels are usually frosted or sandblasted to promote privacy and safety. These wood and glass doors work well as front doors to homes, businesses or offices. Because we can frost or sandblast the glass panels to achieve a certain degree of privacy, these types of doors have become popular additions to bathrooms, changing rooms and swimming pool or sauna rooms.

Naturally, the customer can choose how much glass they wish to incorporate into their designs, as many of our standard designs are flexible and customisable.

Why you Should Use AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware

Our goal is to accommodate our clients as best we can by providing fast delivery and installation services, affordable and reliable products with bespoke designs. This commitment to quality and service delivery allows us to perform as one of Australia’s most forward-thinking carpentry companies.

We want to think of ourselves as more than a door supplier, but rather as a partner whom you can trust. As our business and company revolve around catering to our valued customers, we attempt to be as helpful and honest as possible. Besides providing valuable advice on all things timber, our staff are adaptable and more than keen to share some of their tips and tricks.

With our incredible variety of timber products, you will be sure to find what you need. Whether you require doors of the highest quality wood, a particular design or style, or help with installing frames, skirtings or door mountings, be sure to visit our website or contact us.


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