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Timber Skirting


AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware: Innovative Timber Skirting Designs


Timber skirtings are practical and affordable, and regularly overlooked as a valuable design element in this modern age of designer granite and tile. Not by us, mind you. We manufacture an extensive range of innovative skirtings and timber architraves that fit perfectly into any modern home, lending an element of warmth and taste not easily achievable through other means.


If you are looking for something different from the norm, a design element that oozes good taste, warmth, and charm, you can’t go wrong with stunning skirtings and architraves from AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware.



Benefits of Timber Architraves and Skirtings


Some modern schools of thought have it that architraves and skirtings are old fashioned, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our innovative and bold skirtings and architraves add to the aesthetic and practical appeal of modern homes.


  • Skirtings and architraves can complement and accentuate your style, adding an element of warmth and taste to your interior design and décor. As a design element, skirtings are popular the world over. They are affordable and easy to install and offer both a range of practical benefits and aesthetic appeal.
  • void damage to your walls with wood skirtings. The bottom part of the wall, nearest to the floor, is often where damage to walls most frequently occurs. Mishaps happen during cleaning or other everyday activities. Skirtings act as a hard barrier between the wall and the floor, protecting the wall from bumps from brooms, vacuum cleaners and more.
  • In today’s modern world, one would think that everything would be wireless, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Skirtings offer an ideal way to hide unsightly wiring from appliances, including TV’s, sound systems, computers, lamps, and much more, at least providing the ‘feel’ of true wireless connectivity.


What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Timber Architraves


If you are looking for a design element that is different and unique, we have it for you. We offer an extensive range of beautifully designed modern and classic timber doors, door frames, skirtings and architraves to suit every taste.


  • We offer a wide variety of products for every application, from internal to external. Our internal and external doors are perfectly complemented by our range of skirtings and architraves, resulting in both practical and aesthetically pleasing design elements.
  • We offer customer service and workmanship of the highest standard. With years of collective industry experience under our belts, we are the local professionals in designing and manufacturing affordable and unique doors, door frames, skirtings, and architraves.
  • We offer fast and efficient delivery and installation services to our customers throughout Sydney. Just in case something does go wrong, our excellent after-sales service will efficiently resolve the issue.


About AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware


We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of quality and affordable timber doors and frames, skirtings and architraves in Sydney. We supply a wide range of products to homeowners, retailers and installers. Our no-compromise approach to design and manufacturing has also made us a favourite among many eminent architects and interior designers.


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