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Door Hardware


Key Questions to Ask AMS About Door Hardware


Before you choose your door hardware, you should consider what is available. With our range of door furniture, you cannot go wrong. After you have selected a door, you need to consider what hinges to use. Our technicians will be able to help you; however, the choice is yours. We have set out a list of hinges to help you choose. The second important thing you need to consider is what added hardware you will be using. There are many available, and we can help you.



A Short Buyer’s Guide for Door Hinges


When choosing your hinges, one factor you'll have to consider is the weight of your door. Installing a heavyweight door on a lightweight hinge will cause the hinge to sag and the door to break.


  • One of the common types of hinges is mortise hinges. These hinges are an ideal part of the door furniture you can add to hold heavyweight doors up. Ball bearing, plain bearing, and spring hinges are the three types of popular mortise hinges.
  • Concealed or European hinges are ideal for cupboard doors. These hinges are well hidden and mounted on the inside.
  • For both heavy and lightweight doors, the ideal hinge would be the knuckle hinge. These hinges are known to be exceptionally durable.


Choosing hinges is not something one considers when starting your door shopping; however, this is an incredibly crucial factor to consider as it will avoid unnecessary damages.


Tips Regarding Front Door Hardware


Door hardware or furniture is an incredibly vast topic, as it can be anything from handles to locks to decorations. To get the most out of your door installation, we have a short checklist for you to follow. This list will ensure your satisfaction and avoid any additional costs.


  • Always consider the size of your door. If this is unknown, ask one of our staff to measure the door for you. This step will aid you in choosing hinges, handles, and locks, and avoid buying a door that is too big for the frame.
  • Ask our staff what extra materials you need. Ask if it needs a fitted lock or about our frames and jambs. Our team has the necessary experience to help you properly.
  • Consider what door you will be getting. If it’s a café door, you will need specific handles and locks. If it’s for indoors, it won’t need a deadlock as an outdoor door would need.


Why You Should Use AMS Doors


At AMS Doors, you will find our staff have undergone the necessary training to assist you in getting the perfect fitted door. You will find our doors will transform your home with its architectural statement. We use only the most superior materials when creating our doors, ensuring the best customer support. At AMS Doors, Timber & Hardware we have a broad range of door furniture and hardware available.


Contact us today to place your orders or for any additional queries.


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